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Jason Hargrove is a graphic artist, sculptor, muralist, and all around artist. He was born in Paducah, Kentucky September 10, 1976. He graduated from West Kentucky Technical College in 1997, where he studied graphic design, and desktop publishing. After graduation he attended Murray State University, and pursued a degree in Art Studio, and French. After two years at Murray, he attended Tennessee State Blacksmith and Farrier School, and became a certified blacksmith. During 1999 – 2004 He became seriously evolved in shoeing, training horses.

He joined the United States Air Force in 2004, became a jet engine mechanic, and earned a degree while in service in Aerospace Aviation Technology.  While in service he lived in Texas, Arizona, Alaska, and North Dakota. In 2008 he left the Air Force and went back to Murray State and reentered the Art Studio program for a year, then after that he started working for United States Enrichment Corporation as a Cascade Operator, where he worked with nuclear materials.

He works with stickers, stencils, illustrations, wheat paste, collage, posters, sculptures, paintings, murals, and glass fragments. He enjoys working with the colors yellow, and magenta. They’re colors found on radiation warning signs. His work combines elements of graffiti, pop art, symbology, and futurist thought to provoke environmental awareness, and inspire community involvement.

Jason Hargrove currently lives and works in Mayfield, Kentucky in the United States.